1.  Why volunteer with AVIVA?
2.  Why volunteer in South Africa?
3.  What are the benefits of volunteering?
4.  Am I suited to volunteering?
5.  What is the AVIVA Price Promise?
6.  Can I apply?
7.  How can I apply for a Project, Course or Tour?
8.  Where do AVIVA volunteers come from & how old are they?
9.  Where are AVIVA projects located?
10.  What is MyTripô?
11.  Information for parents
12.  Where does my volunteer fee go?
13.  Does AVIVA offer any discounts?
14.  Can I bring a friend or book for a group?
15.  What kind of projects can I volunteer for?
16.  How many days will I have free each week?
17.  Where can I get detailed information about AVIVA projects?
18.  Will I be taking away jobs from local people?
Before you go...
1.  Can I do any fundraising before I travel?
2.  Can family, friends or sponsors help to pay towards my trip?
3.  Will I need insurance?
4.  When is the best time to go?
5.  Where can I get a good deal on flights?
6.  How long can I stay in South Africa?
7.  Will I need a visa?
8.  Will I need a work Permit?
9.  When should I pay my deposit and remaining balance?
10.  How can I pay my deposit or balance?
11.  What is the current exchange rate for my currency?
12.  How much should I budget for everyday expenses?
13.  Are there any health risks I should be aware of?
14.  What should I pack?
15.  Are there any conditions that I should be aware of?
16.  Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Arriving in South Africa...
1.  What's the best day and time for me to arrive?
2.  Will someone be able to pick me up from the airport?
3.  How will I get to my volunteer project?
4.  Where will I stay while I'm in South Africa?
5.  Can my family and friends get hold of me in an emergency?
6.  How can I avoid jet lag?
Cape Town...
1.  What is Cape Town like?
2.  What is the Western Cape like?
3.  What's the weather like in Cape Town?
4.  Is Cape Town safe for visitors?
5.  What facilities are available at AVIVA accommodation?
6.  Where can I find out about things to do in Cape Town?
7.  How do I get around?
8.  Have any movies been filmed in Cape Town?
South Africa...
1.  When are South Africa's Public Holidays?
2.  Can you help with understanding South African word meanings?
3.  Where can I find online maps of South Africa?
4.  Are there any companies that can help with overland tours & travel in Africa?
5.  Can you recommend any good books on South Africa?
6.  Do I need to learn another language?