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Age 19
Nationality Norway
Resident Norway
Project Masigcine Children's Home Project
Lise Hoel

After my stay at AVIVA I've learned a lot about myself and also about Cape Town and South Africa. Being on shift and working with the kids has been an eye-opening experience to me. At the same time I've seen and one so much in Cape Town than what I thought was possible. Even if I've seen everything here, done fun stuff, making friends and more, I do think that working at my project has been the best experience of all. If I could choose over again, on what I would have spent these two last months on, I would have chosen to do the exact same thing over again. I thought I was coming there to change the life of the kids, but it has really been the other way around. I love Cape Town, South Africa, my friends here, but most of all the kids and staff at the Masigcine project. I made friends for life, even though I came to South Africa all by myself. We share a special bond, because the thing we have in common is South African and AVIVA - nobody else can understand it 100% until they've experienced it themselves. I miss AVIVA so much! It will always be my second home. In fact I didn't really feel homesick, until I got back home!

Hunter Dickson
Age: 18
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Hunter Dickson
Sarah KollmetzSarah Kollmetz
Age: 26
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