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Age 18
Nationality USA
Resident USA
Project Masigcine Children's Home Project
Hunter Dickson

I came to AVIVA to help children and enjoy Cape Town, I never expected to have so much more. These past 7 weeks have flown by and now that I have to leave, I leave with a broken heart. There were so many aspects that made this trip incredible. The children, of course, played a major role in giving me a whole new appreciation of what I have back home. I fell in love with each one of those kids and saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I have gained a new perspective on both my life and of the children with no homes. I was able to give my love and care to these kids, even for the short time I was here. Another part of this trip was the people. I can't even find the words to describe how unbelievably wonderful everyone is. I can honestly say that I have met life long friends here who I will hold in my heart forever. We have shared an experience together like no other. Working at AVIVA has given me the best experience of my live. Thank you so much!! To other volunteers I would like to say…DO IT!! It's changed my life for the better!

Christine Crossan
Age: 22
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Christine Crossan
Lise HoelLise Hoel
Age: 19
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