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Age 21
Nationality United Kingdom
Resident United Kingdom
Project Masigcine Children's Home Project
Laura Sloan

Volunteering in South Africa was the best decision I've ever made. I was not expecting to make such wonderful friends with the other amazing volunteers in the AVIVA house. Working at the orphanage was difficult at first but became the highlight of my trip by the end.

South African is such an unbelievably beautiful place, so bring a good camera! Don't do 4 weeks. It's not enough time, honestly. While here I climbed table mountain and lions head, went horse riding, petted a giraffe, road an ostrich, went skydiving, went on the Cape Peninsula Tour where I saw Cape Point, saw Boulders Beach and went on a bicycle ride, took the hop on hop off bus that took us around Cape Town and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens which was beautiful. I also went on safari where I crawled through the Cango Caves and went on a game drive where I sat on the front of the 4x4.

I fell in love with the kids in the orphanage, and became an intrigued part of the children's home life while providing regular care. While volunteering I made friends, gained work experience/life experience and also gained inspiration for artwork. South Africa is also a lot sunnier then I expected, so that was a nice surprise. I'm so sad to be leaving. I want to stay forever. I'll definitely be back!!

Kirstie Page
Age: 22
United Kingdom
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Kirstie Page
Marlene PerinoMarlene Perino
Age: 18
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