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Age Kahuma
Nationality United Kingdom
Resident United Kingdom
Project African School Feeding Program

I have only been here for 2 weeks, and without a doubt they have been one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I have done activities that I would never have done at home. From diving with sharks to hiking a mountain in the beautiful southern tip of Africa. The list is relentless.

AVIVA has been amazing, and it was a brilliant experience to be living with people from all over the globe. When I arrived, Megan (the volunteer co-ordinator at AVIVA house) greeted me with a smile that stayed with me for the rest of my time in South Africa. Although I am of African descent, I have never been to Africa and AVIVA has done such a good job in giving me a flavor of my ethnic roots. There was a time where I was the only guy in a house of 15 girls, yet the homely sensation that I receive cannot have been matched.

Volunteering has definitely improved my confidence, communication and teamwork skills. Thank you ever so much, AVIVA. Although I may have left Africa, my heart still remains in that very continent. Amazing!! And to those thinking about joining…DO IT!

Therese Rango Nilsen
Age: 19
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Therese Rango Nilsen
Heather LowryHeather Lowry
Age: 27
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