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Age 19
Nationality United Kingdom
Resident United Kingdom
Project Early Childhood Development Project
Isabelle Loftus

The month I spent with AVIVA went by so quickly, but it has been an amazing experience. Staying at the AVIVA house made it so easy to make friends and everybody was wonderful. I was able to go on some great tours, such as the peninsula tour, wine tour and skydiving. One thing I wish I knew before I came was to bring some warmer clothes. Don’t be fooled, it does get cold here. I had to buy so many jumpers!

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have wanted to with TLC Outreach Projects, but from the short time I did spend with them I can tell that they are a really well-organised project. It was incredible to go see the informal settlements with TLC. The TLC team was very informative and Colleen was lovely. It was great listening to all her stories about TLC and the communities she’s worked with. Even though it was only for a short space of time, I really enjoyed my time at TLC.

Ingvild Misje
Age: 18
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Ingvild Misje
Jennifer JohnstonJennifer Johnston
Age: 21
United Kingdom
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