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Age 16
Nationality French
Resident Antananarivo, Madagascar
Project African Penguin & Seabird Conservation
Daphne D'Cruz

I had a wonderful time because I was with amazing people. Thanks to you, and AVIVA, I opened my eyes on lots of things.

I'm grateful to you because this experience changed me in better (hopefully!!!) I will always remember your kindness, maybe a speciality from AVIVA?! Meeting the others brought a lot, their motivations etc. You gave me the chance to meet incredible people devoting for a short time (or long) to others.

Thank you Ed and Cheryl and Andrew. We will keep in touch and I'm looking forwards to come back.

Daphne D'Cruz

An email from Daphnes parents...

Dear Ed,

We just got home from the airport: Daphne has reached home safely (only her luggage is still in Paris and will be sent to us hopefully tomorrow). At this point, we wish to thank you sincerely for all the care extended to our daughter. She has had a wonderful time and she will soon be in touch with you. Our special thanks to Maureen, Cheryl and Robin, who have been a marvelous host family.

Best wishes to all of you until our next contact.

Paulette, Reginald and Daphne.

Sabrina Hamer
Age: 23
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Kim van BastenKim van Basten
Age: 24
Leiden, The Netherlands
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