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Age 19
Nationality Finland
Resident Finland
Project African Penguin & Seabird Conservation
Line Virtanen

When I arrived I felt a bit lost and it was intimidating with a lot of people in the house. Everyone already knew each other, but after a couple of days I was already one of them. It’s like a big family here. The first working days were a bit boring since you start in at the bottom. But after you start learning how to handle the penguins you really look forward going to work. You get to know the penguins and you can see them getting stronger and closer to being released. This really was an incredible experience. I’ve learned so much and at the same time I’m now more independent and stronger as an individual. Leaving all the penguins and the people was the hardest part. I thought that 6 weeks would feel longer but it felt too short for me. If you like animals, especially penguins, and you don’t mind cleaning and smelling like fish and guano, then you will love ti. I would and I will come back someday to work there again. Doing this was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Caitlin Meyers
Age: 21
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Caitlin Meyers
Rory CahillRory Cahill
Age: 23
United Kingdom
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