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Age 18
Nationality Italy
Resident Italy
Project Balule African Wildlife Conservation
Marlene Perino

It was a great experience and it definitely changed my life and it helped me to make up my mind about what I want to study next year at university. I was the youngest volunteer during my stay, but people there are very open minded and I didn't have problems adapting there. My only obstacle was my spider phobia, but I'm grateful to one of the staff that taught me how to get rid of that fear, and now I can take a spider in my hand without hesitation!!! I learnt a lot about animals and life as well. Now I see everything from another point of view and I'll definitely want to continue in conservation in my life. Food was brilliant, the company was funny, the conversations around the camp fire in the evening were interesting and constructive and the experience was simply amazing. I had the opportunity to fly in a helicopter for a collaring expedition and I assisted one of the Vets who helped limping Cheetah. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to go to the Kruger National Park, but I enjoyed the trip to the Blyde River Canyon where the view is breath-taking.

Laura Sloan
Age: 21
United Kingdom
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Laura Sloan
Megan ArmstrongMegan Armstrong
Age: 21
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