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Age 42
Nationality Hong Kongese
Resident Hong Kong
Project Balule Wildlife Conservation Project
Ming Yin So

I was at first nervous about going on a wildlife conservation project but once I settled in at Balule all my fears diminished and I had a fabulous time.  I tracked Rhino's with a tracking device, mapped GPS coordinates and provided information to the anti-poaching unit in order to protect the rhinos from poachers.  I collected cards from the camera traps.  I sorted out photos by species and recorded the time they were caught on the camera. I took photographs during autopsy of an animal.  We checked fences and did a night patrol on the reserve.  We made pathways to drain the water on roadways after the rain. I assisted with the Bush Babies - the community where children are taught to protect the wildlife.  I was given the opportunity to talk about Hong Kong and the species of animals found in my home country.

I wanted to experience the wildlife conservation and participate in conservation.  And I am so pleased I did.  I was unable to get a visa due to lack of time so I spent a week in Cape Town where I did Seal Snorkeling and visited Cape Point which is the most South-Western part of the Cape Peninsula.

Aviva is very organised from the start of my trip.  I was provided with everything I need to know to make my trip run smoothly.  Everyone at Aviva are friendly and helpful.  The house is comfortable and clean and a great place to meet and get to know other volunteers from all over the world.

I will be back for the penguins next year!


Rebecca Dublin
Age: 26
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Rebecca Dublin
Polly FrierPolly Frier
Age: 20
United Kingdom
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