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Age 20
Nationality American
Resident USA
Project Children's Home Project
Lauren Ochsenreiter

Traveling to South Africa and working at the Children's Home was the most incredible experience of my life. You go there to help, to make any small difference you possibly can, and you leave changed in ways you didn't think possible. I think of and miss the children every single day, look at their pictures regularly and am often brought to both laughter and tears in doing so.

Living in Obz/Cape Town and working with an international group of volunteers was an invaluable experience and provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to know people from around the world while at the same time exploring everything (and there's lots!) Cape Town has to offer. My six weeks there was not nearly enough time for me, and I know I will be back.

AVIVA offers a truly unique travel and volunteer experience and does so incredibly professionally while also offering personal attention and assistance in every way possible. I can not say enough about the service that the AVIVA staff provides; they genuinely want to ensure that you have the best experience possible while in South Africa, and in my opinion they succeed tremendously at doing so.

Ellie Varney
Age: 22
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Ellie Varney
Amanda WatchornAmanda Watchorn
Age: 20
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