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Age 23
Nationality Irish
Resident Ireland
Project African Penguin & Seabird Conservation
Stephen Thornburgh

I spent 6 weeks volunteering with AVIVA doing the penguin conservation project and it was the 6 best weeks of my life. From the moment you arrive you are made feel welcome in the house and it starts the adventure immediately. The house is amazing and the atmosphere is everything you could hope for and more. I met some amazing people who will remain friends for life.

With the project itself you get to do pretty much everything from cleaning and feeding to giving medication and learning about penguins and other coastal birds. The whole experience is so different to anything I had done before so it really becomes something really amazing and unique. I was lucky enough to be involved in the major penguin release recently and it was such a great experience that really topped off the 6 weeks nicely.

You will have so many new friends and memories to take away from the time here that you cannot help but feel sad when leaving as the 6 weeks fly by. It was the greatest time of my life which was really made by the people you meet and the activities you can do like safari and shark cage diving.

Thanks goes to Ed, Megan, Ursula and Keenan who help make everything go so smoothly when you are there and take you in like part of their families. It was an absolute pleasure to have been involved with AVIVA and the people I met in South Africa, both locals and other volunteers. Do make the choice to come to AVIVA as you will not regret it at all and will not want to leave come the end.

Sue Roberts
Age: 61
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Sue Roberts
Will ButteryWill Buttery
Age: 19
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