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Age 20
Nationality Dutch
Resident The Netherlands
Project Masigcine Children's Home
Liza Toemen

After a long, long, very long trip I finally arrived in Cape Town. After a very welcome welcome and a good night sleep I was already going on a daytrip. Not very far, but very beautiful. First the beaches, next Hout Bay, Simons Town, Boulders Beach, Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Point. What a start to your holidays!

But no rest for me, next day get out early ready to get in a van that will drop me off in the childrens home where I will spent a lot of time the next 4 weeks. Speaking about warm welcomes: as soon as you enter it's 'mama, mama, me, me'. I never felt more loved. It's incredible how fast those children go to the new volunteers. They feel completely comfortable around us...

After 3 days in the home it was time for some time off to check out Cape Town. Walk around, visit the museums, go on a winelands tour. Very nice, even if you don't drink. And somewhere in South-Africa they have Italian ice, chocolate-orange taste. My favourite, only found it once more in Rome. I already love this country.

After 3 days of rest it's back to the children's home. Finally know the names of the kids, even though I still can't pronounce them. Luckily they are used to that and they listen anyway (or not ;-) )

The end of july, time to say goodbye. On our last day we spend 3 hours in the kitchen to make pancakes for all the kids. They loved it, it was fun to do, and the staff was very happy with the frypans we bought. Everytime I look at my pics I miss those beautiful and sweet kids.

Not only was it time to see goodbye to the kids, it was also time to say goodbye to my new friends and the volunteers house with it's great staff. It was time to move on.

I had a weekend to get used to home again, before I had to go back to university, volleyball and work. So far I had two very busy weeks. I've been thrown back in my world again. The only thing that remains are my memories, pictures and more memories. I miss the kids, the country, and the freedom of travelling.

Jitske Kingma
Age: 21
The Netherlands
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Jitske Kingma
Julia CrabbeJulia Crabbe
Age: 21
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