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Age 19
Nationality British
Resident London, England
Project Children's Home
Anushka Patchava

My experience out in Cape Town was entertaining and enthralling. It evoked emotions and feelings which, even as an avid traveller, I had never experienced! The children were phenomenal, and I feel that I learnt a whole lot about myself and life from them, much more than I could have ever given them in the short time I was there. In particular images of Zintle and Thina ( my two little princesses) remain dominant in my memories.

No matter how many times I have recited the stories to friends and family out here, and shown them the videos and pictures I still feel it does not quite portray everything I experienced! On another note, climbing Table mountain and looking out to sea was tranquil and insightful, it gave me the alone space people are always talking about but never actively seek to find! Robben island was depressing but great in that again it allowed me to gather my thoughts and feelings and understanding on political history on an individual basis.

And what can I say? the last week of skydiving and paragliding and relaxation (which included the casino, numerous dinings at the waterfront and beach volleyball) provided me with the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!.. Enough to last till I return and shark dive (which unfortunately I missed out on this time!)

In a weird way, after reading my diary I do think my 4 weeks have 'matured' me, but I guess I'm not the one to judge that! For everything however, I do think I owe you, Claire and David (who had to put up with a house full of girls!!! and silly requests) a heart felt THANK YOU. I know you must get a million and one people tell you, but honestly the opportunities AVIVA is providing for volunteers is phenomenal!

Thank you for everything, I honestly can't wait till Im back there, and to quote something I said to Lance last night ' I don't think I'll feel fully content till I return.' And I mean that in every way. I don't think I realised and took in all the surroundings, the townships and hardships and scenery while I was there, but I tell you on the whole entire flight back it was all I thought about! And even now, I do look wishfully out my window hoping to see the surf! So Thank you Again and again and again!As I head back to university in October, I do intend on serious fund raising, and promoting AVIVA so please forgive me if you get an huge influx of imperial scientists coming to you!

Thanks again for absolutely everything you guys did, and on behalf of my parents for getting me back in one piece!

Much love,
Nush x

Samantha Wong
Age: 21
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Samantha Wong
Katie MoyesKatie Moyes
Age: 21
Texas, USA
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