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Age 20
Nationality Norwegian
Resident Norway
Project Elephants, Horses & Safari Working Holiday
Ingrid Fuglaar

After volunteering with AVIVA two times in Cape Town, I wanted to try something different and work with animals. Buffelsdrift gave me just the experience I was looking for!

It is an awesome place and it was really cool volunteering there, cause I got to know the staff and the elephants on a different level than you do as just a guest at the lodge.

I learned a lot about animals and nature during my stay. The staff also took me to other touristy places like the wildlife ranch and the cango caves! It is really hard work some times, but it never really felt like a job, more like a luxurious vacation. The staff is amazing and I stayed in a dorm house with the staff who are mostly in their early twenties.

I definitely recommend going there for everyone! They fit your schedule after what you want to do, and you go on a lot of game drives, horse back riding safaris and play with the amazing elephants!

Seeing it's my third time in South Africa in 13 months, it's obvious that I love the country and I'm absolutely going back, hopefully soon!
Eve Englefield
Age: 20
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Eve Englefield
Shelly SkaarShelly Skaar
Age: 31
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