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Thank you AVIVA volunteersThank you AVIVA volunteers
We've reached 7 000 likes on Facebook! What an incredible journey it has been over the past 12 years. A BIG AVIVA thank you to the thousands of volunteers from all around the world who have helped us donate millions of Rands to grassroots projects that work with orphaned children, informal settlements, wildlife and conservation.

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Evelyn Woodward-Johnson video testimonialEvelyn Woodward-Johnson video testimonial
Evelyn Woodward-Johnson, 56 from USA, joined the Aviva team in order to work with the African school feeding programme. She shared with us her story. To join the African school feeding programme and make a difference in the lives of these precious children follow the link:

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Vervet Monkey babies 2013Vervet Monkey babies 2013
The vervet monkey baby season starts from the month of October and it is during this time that volunteers at the Vervet Monkey Sanctuary get the opportunity to nurture the orphaned vervet monkeys - consoling them after their loss, teaching them to drink from milk bottles and slowly get them used to the outside world. For those who can volunteer for longer, you will get to watch the magic of introducing them to their foster mothers so that they can live their lives like normal monkeys. To join this project follow the link:

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Lottie Knights' video testimonialLottie Knights' video testimonial
Lottie Knights from the UK, shares with us her experience with AVIVA and voluneering in Cape Town, South Africa at the African Penguin and Seabird Conservation project.

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Sean Clinton and Rachael McFarlane's testimonialSean Clinton and Rachael McFarlane's testimonial
Sean Clinton (from England) and Racheal McFarlane (from Ireland) have fun while telling us (or trying to, at least) about their time with AVIVA and volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa at the African School Feeding Programme. Intrigued? Read more about the project and AVIVA here:

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Marte Olsen's video testimonialMarte Olsen's video testimonial
Thinking of volunteering at AVIVA with the Masigcine Children Home project? Listen to what Marte Olsen has to say about her experience. To find out more about this project follow the link:

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Rebecca Fleetwood's video testimonialRebecca Fleetwood's video testimonial
Thinking about volunteering with AVIVA at the Vervet Monkey Sanctuary? Watch Rebecca Fleetwood's video testimonial about her experince with the vervet monkeys as well as her Cape Town week. To find out more follow link:

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TEDxBoston - Dyan deNapoli - The Great Penguin RescueTEDxBoston - Dyan deNapoli - The Great Penguin Rescue
Dyan deNapoli tells a riveting personal tale of the world's largest volunteer animal rescue that saved over 40,000 penguins after an oil spill off the coast of South Africa. She dispells the belief that all oiled birds should be euthanized and proves that each one of us really can make a difference. Look out for an AVIVA photo at 6:59 :)

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Snorkelling with Cape Fur SealsSnorkelling with Cape Fur Seals
Join Steve Benjamin and Animal Ocean for an experience you'll never forget. If you're spending time with us in Cape Town, chat to your volunteer coordinator at AVIVA House to book your spot. As long as you can snorkel, you're good to go!

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Masigcine Children's Home - Home MakeoverMasigcine Children's Home - Home Makeover
In September 2007, a group of dedicated volunteers transformed this wonderful children's home in only 4 days - watch this amazing transformation and learn how you can help to make a difference to the lives of some very special children...

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Cape Town - LifestyleCape Town - Lifestyle
Cape Town Tourism video highlighting the lifestyle aspects of Cape Town.

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Elephant Encounter at Kruger National ParkElephant Encounter at Kruger National Park
We found this small group of young male elephants at an unmarked waterhole in Kruger National Park, and enjoyed a full half hour alone with them before deciding that it was time to leave...

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